The best form of love!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about love, forever love and the feeling of being in love. Does it really exist and if it does, does it last forever? I know love does exist in different forms, like love for your parents, your siblings, your spouse but there is one form of love that we always take for granted. It's the love for ourselves.

This is one form of love that has the potential to last forever. You don't need anyone else to help sustain this relation. What do you do to nurture it and make it grow? Well, there are a number of things that you can do.. Not sure how many of them you're actually doing. So here I start making a list (again!) of all the things I came up with that I do (or I would do) to express my love to myself....

  • Do what you love doing- I don't mean all the time, 24 hours a day. Let's be practical here. We're all working and we all hate our jobs sometimes (a lot of times?). I would not recommend you to go put your papers just because you are suffering from Monday blues (or PMSing) to prove your love for yourself.
  • Do what you want to do- Right or wrong, good or bad, who cares? As long as it keeps me happy today, I'd rather not worry about what it would do to me tomorrow. Like someone? Go tell him/her. Atleast you won't spend the rest of your life plucking petals off every flower you find thinking "He loves me, he loves me not!"... Want a pizza? Just order it without thinking about the calories. No one wants your ghost haunting pizza hut after you die... Yes my mom would never approve of this, but I know for a fact that she does not read my blog so I'm pretty safe here :-D
  • Gift yourself- Don't we all buy birthday gifts, valentines day gifts, anniversary gifts for others? Ever bought yourself a birthday gift? No, because all your money goes in treating others. I have decided I'm going to gift myself (Yes, spend my money, not go and ask dad for it) this year onwards. Infact I've already added two items on my list (one year spa membership and an iPod dock) so all I need to do is make sure I stop here to avoid some post bday depression which will come from bankruptcy (which contradicts my statement above of not worrying about tomorrow. But I guess planning about tomorrow and worrying about the day after is fine here).
  • Buy yourself flowers- How many times do we look at a bouquet of flowers on someone else's desk and think, "Oh how I wish someone bought it for me too".. Why not do it yourself? After all you know which flowers you love the most or which flowers you're craving for at that time...
  • Cook for yourself sometimes- I don't want to make it a chore which is why I said sometimes. But seriously, don't we all say we don't have the time to cook because we are just too busy? How many times have we cribbed about the cafeteria food or cribbed about the fact that we're not staying with mom? We'll take time to make an elaborate meal to show our love for others but why not show yourself some love by feeding yourself what you really like?
  • Workout- Yes, a lot of people will argue about this one, but trust me this is one good thing you'll be doing to yourself. I know it's very difficult getting up in the morning and going to the gym. Infact I decided to bunk my gym today just when I was going to step out of the house (I'm actually sitting in my gym clothes while writing this post) but still, nothing can beat the joy of getting a good toned body or even just running on the treadmill and feeling all the stress just flow away..
  • Spend time doing what you like-You can do anything here.. Read a good book, listen to some good music, join a dance class or just watch a corny chick flick.. Whatever makes you happy.. I've started spending my weekends doing all of these :)

You don't even have to read this post to find out how to express love for yourself.. Somewhere deep down, we all know what we want for ourselves. It's just that we lose ourselves in our pursuit of keeping others happy. But can the people around us be happy if we are not happy? We've all read that charity begins at home.. So let us start working towards our underprivileged selves and then worry about the others. It's very necessary to be selfish at times. :)