What's the short story behind success and happiness?

Although there is too much literature around these two topics, I believe that both are governed by simple equations.

Success is strongly related with the number of hours you spend focusing on long term rewards divided by the hours you spend on short term benefits. In short term benefits you can include many things from TV, facebook, emails to smoking, junk food, drugs etc. All those things give you instant gratification, but in the long term have a negative impact. In long term rewards you can include exercise, educating yourself, building your network, putting long hours and working on something that has no immediate impact etc. Of course, apart from your own efforts a large part is also luck, which is a constant that you can not take out.

Happiness on the other hand, is strongly related with the number of hours you spend focusing on your passions and on hours you spend with people you want to be with (divided by the ones you don't). If you spend most of your time on the things you love to do, amongst people you love to be with then there is a great chance that you will be happy. Money, fame, having a lot of stuff, doing what you supposed to do, reading about other people's happiness, or going through long lists will not help you in the end. Again, there is a constant which is your genetic predesposition towards happiness but it is also a constant that you can do little about.