About Me!

    “ I know, I do know nothing, the problem is ...
    most of others don't know even that..”

Well, I am Smart, Kind, Humble, Helpful, Decent,
And always smiling…

Have a bit A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E.

One might never have met a guy like me…

I always try to live life to its fullest…

My philosophy of Living life is:
Today is everything.
The Greatest gift you get everyday is today...
So Enjoy every single moment…
Always find reasons to smile.

Life is a pure mixture of Smiles, Tears,
Enjoyment, Sorrows, Friends (the most important), Love (and lot more things...)

This is all about me and my nature…

Now about my looks:
I m not a sexy looking hunk
Just a bit tall…
Fair (not very much)
Style is my keyword
And ...

I wrote a lot, That's me ...

☼ =====  Snehal Masne  ===== ☼

I pursued B.E. in Computer Science from SSGMCE, Shegaon, Maharashtra followed by M.Tech in Information Technology from Central University of Hyderabad.
And now I'm working in my dream domain.

I love life, and to tell you the truth I am on a perpetual high. Well, not on alcohol but on the sheer jest for life - the positive vibes and the challenges. I let my passion take over and it's the passion for Technology!

Always Remember :

No One Knows Everything About Anything;
Known Is A Byte, Unknown Is A Terabyte..

Want to know little more? Get me on Google!

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Welcome to Snehal.TechProceed.com - a weblog full of personal stuff. I enjoy blogging because it not only provides a rapport with the people who read the blog, but it also broadens my knowledge and understanding of the things. You can reach me via email at snehalmasne [at] gmail [dot] com. OR you can fill up the following form.

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